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Financial Daily Dose 8.5.2020 | Top Story: Top Story: Ford Removes CEO Jim Hackett After 3 Years on the Job

BY: Michael D. Reif | August 5, 2020

Major shakeup at Ford, where CEO Jim Hackett is out after a three-year stint in which he “achieved mixed results” but didn’t impress Wall Street enough to keep his job. Ford has installed COO James Farley, a Toyota alum who’s been at Ford since 2007, in the top spot as Hackett’s replacement – NYTimes and … Continue reading

Financial Daily Dose 11.04.2019 | Top Story: Feds Probe Under Armour Accounting Practices

BY: Michael D. Reif | November 4, 2019

Federal authorities have been looking into Under Armour’s accounting practices for the better part of the past two years, a revelation that sent company shares reeling in premarket trading this morning – Bloomberg and NYTimes and WSJ I mean, I’m still not 100% convinced, but all signs point to Saudi Aramco’s long-awaited IPO officially kicking … Continue reading

Your daily dose of financial news

BY: Michael D. Reif | January 12, 2016

The trail-blazing and transcendent David Bowie died this weekend after an 18-month battle with cancer. Incredibly, his reach extended beyond music, cinema, holiday duets, fashion, and stage and into our world of finance, as evidenced by his “Bowie bonds”—the “first in what would become a wave of esoteric asset-backed securities deals based on intellectual property … Continue reading

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

BY: Michael D. Reif | June 19, 2015

Goldman Sachs’ read between the lines of the Fed policy statement this week and is forecasting a December rate hike—not the September increase that just about everyone else (72% of surveyed economists, pre-statement, at least) has predicted – WSJ Just days after receiving Judge Thomas Wheeler’s decision in its case against the government, former AIG … Continue reading