Financial Daily Dose 4.17.2020 | Top Story: Amazon asking customers to buy less

warehouse packages on conveyor belt

Amazon asking customers to buy less! The pandemic has forced businesses, both winners and losers, to act “in unusual ways” – Bloomberg

Stocks rise as discussions for reopening the economy begin; yield on 10-year Treasuries decreased two basis points to 0.60%; oil traded near $18 a barrel – Bloomberg and NYT

The US job market continues to suffer with 5.2 million more Americans filing for unemployment benefits last week—bringing the total to more than 22 million workers – WSJ

Not all companies are suffering, e-commerce companies have seen surges in traffic as a result of the pandemic, Shopify Inc. is one example – Bloomberg

A security researcher uncovered an unsecured Iranian spy server. The server contained information on 42 million accounts and could be used to spread disinformation and propaganda – Bloomberg

China’s economy has contracted for the first time since it started “reporting quarterly gross domestic product in 1992.” The Chinese economy “shrank 6.8% in the first three months of 2020” – WSJ – Bloomberg

Uber disclosed how it intends to account for losses resulting from the pandemic – Bloomberg

The Trump administration has issued guidelines on how the economy can reopen, putting most of the responsibility on state governors – WSJ

The greater depression could lead to the great “decoupling”; the pandemic may negatively impact US businesses’ supply-chain reliance on China – WSJ

Thanks to Space 150, AI now makes music. Checkout this song created by Travis Bott, the AI version of famous artist Travis Scott. It was made by uploading the real artist’s entire portfolio to a computer; the AI then used those sounds, both instrumental and vocal, to create its own song – Space 150

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