Fantasy Baseball Sign-Stealing Suit Gets Tossed


The MLB, Houston Astros, and Boston Red Sox have secured the dismissal of a fantasy baseball lawsuit over the electronic sign-stealing scandal.

As reported here, DraftKings contestants filed a proposed class action over the Astros and Red Sox sign-stealing scandals, where team personnel and players used electronics to steal pitcher-catcher signs and relay them to batters. The fantasy participants sought to recover years of their fantasy wagers, claiming the scandal tainted individual player statistics and thus the contests on which they are based.

In a pun-filled opinion referencing spitballs, steroids, and everything in between, SDNY Judge Rakoff dismissed the claims. Although the court reasoned the Astros and Red Sox “shamelessly” broke the rules and thereby the “hearts of all true baseball fans,” Judge Rakoff found the connection between the alleged harm the fantasy players suffered and the defendants’ conduct simply too attenuated to support any legal claim for relief.

While Judge Rakoff believed some of the pleading deficiencies could be cured with another chance to amend the already-amended complaint, the court found that most of the deficiencies were fatal and dismissed the case in its entirety and with prejudice.

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