Financial Daily Dose 2.3.2020 | Top Story: Boeing’s 737 MAX Aircraft Face Continued Problems


Boeing Co.’s 737 MAX aircraft face continued problems from “potentially hazardous wiring.” European regulators want the manufacturer to relocate some of the wiring to prevent “potential short circuit[s], which in a worst-case scenario could disrupt flight-control systems.” Officials at the Federal Aviation Administration have stated that relocating the wiring is not necessary. The FAA is set to issue its decision in a few weeks. – WSJ andBloomberg

The coronavirus outbreak has cause major airlines to cancel flights to China. This poses problems for businesses needing to directly deal with their Chinese partners. – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Investors forecast continued volatility with upcoming key election dates  and the coronavirus outbreak. – WSJ

The coronavirus outbreak, now categorized as a global health emergency by the World Health Organization, has also negatively impacted developing countries and the global economy. – Bloomberg

Google reverses some changes it made to its search engine on January 13, 2020. The initial changes made it difficult for users to differentiate between paid and unpaid search links. – NYTimes

The U.S. and Europe are still at odds over the taxing of multinational-tech giants, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The U.S. suggested a “safe harbor” provision that “would allow companies to opt into the new rules voluntarily.” The director of the center for tax policy at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said that the “U.S. needs to provide [more] details” in order for the other countries to become more enthused. – Bloomberg and WSJ

Uber suspends 240 accounts in Mexico in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. – Bloomberg

Flying cars are closer to reality than you think; Porsche is now working with Boeing to conceptualize “premium urban air mobility vehicles.” – WSJ

WeWork names Sandeep Mathrani as its new chief executive officer. You may remember WeWork as the company that suffered a more than 80% plummet in its valuation after it pursued “a growth-at-all-costs strategy in the run-up to [its] attempted listing.” – WSJ and Bloomberg

AI  and personality profiling will play a big part in the future of job interviews. – WSJ

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