Financial Daily Dose 1.27.2020 | Top Story: Apple Stock Has Surged Over 2019, Consumers Divided on Future

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Apple stock has surged over the past year, but consumers are divided over the stock price’s future. Apple’s software services and hardware products create an identity crisis that impacts the company’s future valuations. – WSJ and Bloomberg

Under Armour finds itself behind its competitors as consumers move toward athleisure. – NYT

Attorneys general and the Justice Department are meeting to discuss a probe into Alphabet Inc.’s search and mobile software. – Bloomberg and WSJ

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a difficult decision—cross President Trump or allow Chinese Huawei Technologies Co. a significant role in providing the U.K. with 5G technology. – Bloomberg

TikTok, the Chinese video application, faces competition from Byte. Byte is a relaunch of Vine—the original American, video-sharing service that was discontinued in 2016. – Bloomberg

Regional drugstores are being squeezed out of the market due to changes in consumer habits and bigger health companies offering more services. – WSJ

U.S. futures indicate continued losses on Monday as markets continue to suffer from the coronavirus. Be on the lookout for a number of notable earnings reports from tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Samsung. WSJ and Bloomberg

Kraft Heinz’s new chief-executive officer, Miguel Patricio, looks to “simplify [the] business” by limiting the company’s new-product offerings. – WSJ and Bloomberg

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. plans to merge with Peugeot for $50 billion, a process which could take about a year. Fiat Chrysler will address its sales struggles on its own until the deal has closed.  – WSJ

Aren’t Egyptian hieroglyphs just the ancient version of text-message emojis? Click to learn more about the fascinating evolution of emoglyphs. – NYT

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