Financial Daily Dose 11.12.2019 | Top Story: WeWork in Talks with T-Mobile’s John Legere for CEO Job

group of executives meeting in office

WeWork is reportedly looking to swap out co-founder Adam Neumann for a similarly long-tressed and eccentric figure, T-Mobile’s John Legere. Legere is currently quite occupied with his company’s merger with Sprint, and his interest in the job is unclear  – WSJ and NYTimes and Bloomberg

The Journal’s breaking news of a secretive Google effort—dubbed Project Nightingale—to “collect and crunch the detailed personal health information of millions of Americans across 21 states” in order to “establish a toehold in the massive health-care industry.” Notably, neither “patients nor doctors have been notified” of the company’s agreement with the medical system Ascension that facilitated the data acquisition – WSJ and Mashable and NYTimes

Because why not add some geopolitical drama into the mix, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi found himself in hot water this week after an interview with Axios on HBO in which he dubbed the Saudi government’s murder of Jamal Khashoggi a “mistake”—a classification he’s been furiously attempting to walk back since the program aired. – NYTimes and CNBC and Barron’s

The episode landed within the context of existing questions about the Kingdom’s outsized role in American tech companies – NYTimes

KKR has put together a formal approach to Walgreens Boots in an effort to take the company private “in what could be the biggest-ever leveraged buyout” – Bloomberg

Some Law360 analysis shows that the Supreme Court’s 2018 Lucia ruling, which found the SEC’s in-house judge appointment process flawed and allowed for more than 100 cases to be reheard, had a distinct benefit for the defendants who chose to give it another go in the agency’s courts – Law360

Wall Street was generally strong in October, but a 5% drop for some securities in the CLO market “could be a sign that the trillion-dollar market for high-yield bonds also is headed for a rough patch – WSJ

The disturbance in the force this morning? Yep, that would be the Disney+ streaming service launching today, big time – Bloomberg and NYTimes

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, there should be plenty of time very soon to put into action the family story-telling that psychologists say “have a very important function in teaching children” that they belong and are part of a family with particular values—a message that, surprise surprise, comes across far more clearly in person than across social media – WSJ


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