Financial Daily Dose 8.30.2019 | Top Story: E-cig Company Juul Faces Federal Probes into Marketing and Health Concerns


The FTC has opened a probe into e-cigarette maker Juul’s marketing practices, including allegations that the company “used influencers and other marketing to appeal to minors” – WSJ

The inquiry only adds to Juul’s federal agency concerns – Bloomberg

Saudi Aramco unveiled plans on Thursday for a two-stage IPO that with debut on the Saudi stock exchange and then move to the rather unlikely choice of Tokyo for its international offering a year or two later – WSJ

China’s announcement on Thursday that it wouldn’t immediately retaliate against the US for the new round of tariffs announced by the White House last week helped buoy stocks that had been taking it on the chin in recent weeks over trade-war fears – Bloomberg and WSJ

All the latest on the fallout from PM Johnson’s bold move to suspend parliament for 5 weeks in September in an effort to push forward a no-deal Brexit plan – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Target’s looking to repeat the success of earlier “Design for All” efforts in which it partnered with big-name designers to offer limited collections for the non-runway set (and create some major buzz in the process) by unveiling plans to reissue 300 pieces from its original collaborations – NYTimes

City popularity and accompanying high housing prices are helping drive another generation of Americans back to the burbs, as walkability scores are taking a backseat to the economic reality of actually being able to buy a home – Bloomberg

A divided NLRB ruling yesterday determined that “misclassifying employees as independent contractors doesn’t break federal labor law because it doesn’t interfere with worker organizing rights—even though independent contractors can’t unionize.” The ruling means logistics company Velox Express won’t face Board litigation for its move – Law360

Federal prosecutors are reportedly looking afresh at Huawei over new allegations that the Chinese tech company stole technology from a Portuguese multimedia producer – WSJ

A look at the decidedly un-Zuckerberg, Gates, and Jobs start for the most successful tech start-ups in the U.S. between 2007 and 2014. AKA, we’re not just talking about brilliant college dropouts here – NYTimes

Three cheers for the rise of hempcrete, an unlikely disruptor in the construction game – Bloomberg

Brain organoids, growing like crazy in space. Thanks, Nasa. I mean, really, what could go wrong? – NYTimes

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