Financial Daily Dose 8.21.2019 | Top Story: Fed “Tailoring” to Weaken Big Bank Capital Requirements


Beyond the revamped Volcker Rule we discussed yesterday, Federal Reserve officials are “slowly, but steadily,” making a series of regulatory changes likely to weaken “capital requirements installed in the wake of the [2008 financial] crisis to prevent the largest banks from suffering the kind of destabilizing losses that imperiled the United States economy.” Most Fed officials have dismissed concerns about the effects of the changes, calling the moves mere “tailoring” intended to “bring greater efficiency to standards written in the heat of a meltdown” – NYTimes

More detail on White House plans to consider “various tax reductions” as a means of stimulating the US economy (even as it deemed such moves “unneeded”) – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

That’s all fine and good, but Streetwise doesn’t think it’ll be enough to rescue the stock market, especially with a White House hell-bent on trade warring – WSJ

In the meantime, Fed watchers will be poring over the minutes of last month’s meeting for signals about the next potential rate cut – WSJ

We may not be at peak podcast right now, but we’re awfully damn close. Which explains why corporate America’s trying to get in on the act. Perhaps surprisingly, though, listeners are actually tuning in – NYTimes

Checking in on the current knock-down, drag-out battle over hearts, minds, and stomachs on Twitter: the Popeye’s/Chick-fil-A/Wendy’s fight for chicken sandwich supremacy – MarketWatch

Bayer announced on Tuesday that it’s selling its animal-health business to rival Elanco for a cool $7.6 billion.  The move appears motivated at least in part by the “mounting legal liabilities” the company faces from its Roundup herbicide product – WSJ

Endo Pharmaceuticals will pay $10 million (and donate another mil) to “exit the lead bellwether cases in multidistrict opioid litigation” – Law360 and Reuters

Jay Alix’s one-man crusade against consulting powerhouse McKinsey & Co. took a hit this week, as SDNY Judge Jesse Furman dismissed Rico charges against McKinsey for failure to connect the harm alleged to the company – NYTimes and Law360

Tesla’s solar panel venture has itself a Walmart problem – MarketWatch and Engadget and NYTimes and WSJ

An obituary, of sorts, for San Francisco’s FogCam—believed by many to be the longest-running public webcam—that’s shutting down after 25 years of broadcasting – NYTimes


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