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Demolition of an old house

Elon Musk and the SEC have reached an agreement to revise their earlier agreement to settle the latest round of issues caused by Musk’s Twitter habit. Under its terms, a Tesla securities attorney must now “preapprove any of Musk’s ‘written communication’ about Tesla’s business.” So, you know, all our best to the unluckiest lawyer at Tesla – Law360 and NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Trouble in the heartland, where the White House’s trade wars are threatening the very farmers that have helped make Wisconsin the Dairy State – NYTimes

More financial details from Slack as the work-messaging company continues headlong toward its unconventional direct listing IPO – WSJ

And with that in mind, as money-losing unicorn after money-losing unicorn head to the public markets, the Journal helps us understand why investors are more than willing to look beyond current financials and make sizeable bets on these unprofitable tech companies – WSJ

Ford Motor Company is on the receiving end of a DOJ criminal investigation over its emissions certification process. In a Friday securities filing, Ford revealed that the investigation does not “involve defeat devices,” like those at the center of the VW and Fiat Chrysler scandals but rather “issues relating to road load estimations, including analytical modeling and coastdown testing” – Law360

2019’s been kind to the markets so far, and the volatility that defined December 2018 has all but faded from memory.  Which of course means that it’s the perfect time for hedge funds to start shorting the VIX, and how – Bloomberg

In totally unrelated news, bad credit card debt—that is, the kind bad enough that card companies have put it in the write-off category—is at its highest level in nearly 7 years – Bloomberg

Thanks to New York’s state appeals court, HSBC will get another crack at Deutsche Bank over alleged failures to “disclose risks associated with loans in two residential mortgage-backed securities trusts of which HSBC is the trustee” – Law360

An interesting look by the Times at Apple’s move to purge its App Store of applications that help users manage their screen-time addiction, a campaign it undertook in earnest not long after launching its own screen-time tracker – NYTimes

A recent Occidental offer is putting Anadarko under serious pressure to change horses and ditch Chevron’s takeover bid in favor of the sweeter Occidental deal – Bloomberg

Some thoughts on what the German government can do now that the talks it initiated between struggling banking giants Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have failed – WSJ

Facebook? Ha.  Insta? Losing it a bit. Snapchat? Very 2017. Let’s talk TikTok, kids, the Chinese startup that’s taking the American teen smartphone scene by storm these days – WSJ


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