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Jobs report Friday again. Which, after February’s dismal numbers, is carrying extra importance today. We’ll be keeping an eye on US manufacturing, among other things. Here’s what to watch – NYTimes and WSJ and Marketplace and Bloomberg

Under the terms of a recently brokered divorce settlement, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will keep 75% of the former couple’s Amazon stock (and all of their Washington Post and Blue Origin ownership) and sole voting authority over all of the Amazon stock, thus ensuring that he’ll stay firmly in control of the Amazon business empire – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

Former Presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain is reportedly in the running for an open spot on the Federal Reserve Board. As a candidate, Cain called for a return to the gold standard. He also worked as a director of the Kansas City Fed from 1992-96 – WSJ and Bloomberg

We’ve got the latest from the contempt hearing that pits the SEC against Elon Musk and his pesky Twitter fingers – Bloomberg and Law360 and WSJ

A group of three pharmaceutical companies have reached a deal with the DOJ that will see them pay $123 million over allegations that they “violated the False Claims Act by using charities to pay kickbacks to Medicare and a veterans’ health program” – Law360

PM May has officially requested another extension from the EU as the Brexit crisis drags on – Bloomberg and NYTimes and WSJ

The White House is on the verge of announcing plans for a future summit between the Chinese and American presidents “where the two will try to resolve remaining trade issues and sign a final agreement” between the countries – NYTimes and WSJ

Software exec Jitesh Thakkar has escaped a spoofing conspiracy charge after a mid-trial acquittal on that count from N.D. Ill. Judge Robert Gettleman. The Court did allow two counts of aiding and abetting to proceed – Law360

Commerzbank AG Chief Exec Martin Zielke has gone on the record in a memo to employees in support of a German-government-engineered merger with Deutsche Bank, telling employees that a deal would “add much-needed scale” – Bloomberg

Sears, after nothing but closures for years, is set to open three small-format stores (dubbed Sears Home & Life) with a focus on tools and appliances – WSJ

Talk about throwing down the gauntlet from on high—Prince Harry has decided to test his everyman status (and popularity) by calling Fortnite an “addiction” that’s “irresponsible” and “shouldn’t be allowed” – MarketWatch

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