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The US and China have scheduled two more rounds of high-level trade talks with hopes for an agreement between the economic superpowers by late April, even as China has begun to push back against some of the US’s major demands – WSJ and Bloomberg

As yet more evidence emerges linking the Ethiopian Air crash to the Lion Air crash from 5 months ago, the FAA is facing great scrutiny over its role in approving Boeing’s 737 Max 8—especially in light of a recent shift in rules that “delegated more authority to Boeing than had been the case when most previous planes were certified” – NYTimes and Bloomberg

Another bad day in court for Monsanto and its new parent company, Bayer AG, as a California jury found that the company’s Roundup product likely caused cancer in a man who regularly used the product on his Northern California properties. Phase II of the trial—liability—is now set to kick off today – WSJ and Bloomberg and Law360 and NYTimes

Embattled social media giant Facebook announced this week that it will “stop allowing advertising in key categories to show their messages only to people of a certain race, gender or age group” as part of a settlement with a group of plaintiffs that includes the ACLU that sued Facebook over such practices – NYTimes and Mashable and Law360

Of course, it’s still out there benefitting from the omnipresence of its platforms. One of which—Instagram—is slowly turning itself into something of an online mall, thanks to a new in-app checkout feature from major retailers that they (and Zuck, no doubt) are hoping creates a frictionless means for buying without leaving the app – NYTimes and HuffPo

Some thoughts about what to expect as the Fed gathers for its March meeting today – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

In a late-Monday filing, the SEC made clear that it has no time for Elon Musk’s assertion that he can “unilaterally decide his February tweet about production values wasn’t material to investors.” The agency asked the New York federal court to hold Musk in contempt for violating the terms of an earlier settlement agreement – Law360

Citibank will pay $49 million to resolve an OCC inquiry into the bank’s alleged practices in South Dakota of denying mortgage discounts to people “based on their race, ethnicity or sex” in violation of the Fair Housing Act – Law360

With EU antitrust regulators delivering a decision [and massive fine] today “in the last of three antitrust cases where it has so far formally charged Google, after nearly a decade of investigations,” the company has cried Uncle and announced a series of new concessions, including asking “all Android smartphone users in Europe whether they want to switch to competing search engines or web browsers” – WSJ and Law360

Despite a series of recent setbacks on the sampling front, plaintiff Royal Park Investments has asked a federal judge to let it use loan sampling in its case against BNY Mellon to show that the bank “shirked its duty to make sure that the loans it securitized were health” – Law360

Fairly bowled over by this series of abstract and unorthodox Modernist homes in Chile, all of which make their mark on an already impressive landscape – NYTimes


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