Amazon Unveils a 3-Tool Initiative to Curb the Sale of Counterfeit Products

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Amazon has announced the launch of its invite-only Project Zero initiative, a program using a self-service removal tool, automation, and serialization to eliminate bogus products from its website.

The first component of Amazon’s Project Zero gives unprecedented power to enrolled companies to remove counterfeit products proactively on their own, unlike before where rights-holders had to submit a removal request for review and approval.  Project Zero also boasts an AI component that automatically scans listings and removes fake products using the logos, trademarks, and other data that the member companies provide the retail giant up front.  For a cost per unit, Amazon also offers an optional product serialization service in which companies place a unique serial code on products that Amazon then scans to confirm authenticity before shipment to the consumer.

So far, Amazon has tested the Project Zero initiative with Vera Bradley, Thunderworks, and ChomChom Roller, each of which has given rave reviews to the new service.  Amazon reports that it is working to add additional companies by inviting them to join the waitlist on its website.  Through its three-tooled Project Zero initiative, Amazon hopes to empower brands like never before and “drive counterfeits to zero.”

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