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The White House is reportedly considering easing some tariffs on Chinese markets “as a way to calm markets and give Beijing an incentive to make deeper concessions in a trade battle that has rattled global economies.” The push to lift or eliminate some tariffs is pitting Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, who favors the idea, against US Trade Rep Robert Lighthizer, who “is concerned that any concession could be seen as a sign of weakness” – WSJ

Just a quick reminder on how those tariffs are actually working – Bloomberg

Tesla has announced that it will cut 7% of its workforce—or roughly 3,000 jobs—in a bid to make its cars (especially the much-touted Model 3) “more affordable for the mass market” – Bloomberg and WSJ

Student loan company Navient is hoping to narrow CFPB claims against it in a bid for summary judgment on accusations that engaged in abusive and unfair “steering” claims – Law360

Former longtime CBS chief Les Moonves has informed the network that he’s demanding an arbitration hearing as part of his bid to overturn a decision by the company’s board to deny him a $120 million severance payment after “he was fired for cause following numerous allegations of sexual misconduct” – NYTimes and WSJ

Mitsubishi is now joining Nissan in accusing former head of the companies’ joint venture, Carlos Ghosn, of financial wrongdoing. Mitsubishi claims that Ghosn “secretly received” almost $9 million in payments while helming the alliance – NYTimes and WSJ

We’ve got details from the Serious Fraud Office’s case against former Barclays traders over their alleged role in a conspiracy to rig Euribor, including the use of “so-called cash pushing” – Law360

This Dealbook piece on Vanguard’s Jack Bogle, who died this week at age 89, seems a pretty fitting tribute to a man committed to building “a reasonable way for great masses of people to get a more equitable share of the world’s financial pie” – NYTimes

A bit of Law360 Analysis for us on why an end to the government shutdown—should it ever come—won’t mean an immediate return to business-as-usual for the IPO scene – Law360

Bloomberg asks the questions most of us are thinking—Eddie, you’ve got your crown jewel back, so now what? – Bloomberg

Interesting Times long-read for you here on the rise of ancient DNA research and it’s questionable role in rewriting much of what we know of early human history – NYTimes

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