Your Daily Dose of Financial News


A White House announcement about plans for steel and aluminum tariffs left the already-unsettled markets even shakier yesterday – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch

The Upshot explores the systemic concerns [you know, just the undermining of the entire global trade system, NBD] with the move – NYTimes

Federal authorities are expanding their Wells Fargo probe, pushing now into the bank’s wealth management unit after whistleblowers have accused Wells of recommending products ill-suited for certain customers – WSJ and Bloomberg

It may not be obvious to the casual shopper, but make no mistake about it, Whole Foods is definitely in the Amazon family now—and it’s not just about branding, either – NYTimes

Uber’s getting in on the healthcare game with the launch of Uber Health, a partnership with providers that lets them “more easily assign rides for their patients and clients from a centralized dashboard” – TechCrunch

Déjà vu all over again for the FDIC and Deutsche Bank, Goldman, and RBS, which find themselves back before a Texas federal judge on summary judgment motions, 4 years after the case was kicked on statute of limitations concerns and 3 after the 5th Circuit revived it – Law360

Richard Clarida, a pragmatic Columbia University economist, is poised to become vice chair of Federal Reserve Board – WSJ

Speaking of the Fed, Streetwise considers whether its outsized role on markets these days is deserved. [Hint, probably not, at least when it comes to any special insight] – WSJ

The UK’s FCA is reportedly still mulling introduction of a Libor alternative in the wake of a “series of rate-rigging scandals” – Law360

Sunday’s Academy Awards have prompted the Journal to consider the growing gap between financial success and critical acclaim for movies these days. Happy watching – WSJ

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