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Deutsche Borse CEO Carsten Kengeter announced yesterday that he’ll step down in the wake of insider-trading allegations related to the exchange’s now-defunct merger with the London Stock Exchange Group – NYTimes

CVS Health has made a bid to buy health insurer Aetna Inc. in a deal that would value Aetna at nearly $66 billion. The deal, if reached, would signify a huge step in CVS’s health-care inroads and would also deliver to CVS a massive swath of health data – WSJ and NYTimes

Bloomberg suggests that the threat Amazon’s posing to the pharmacy business is likely a prime driver behind the deal – Bloomberg

A RBS division will pay $44 million to sidestep prosecution for defrauding customers trading in RMBS and CLOs as part of a deal with the DOJ announced yesterday – Law360

A new sheriff’s in town at the SEC’s enforcement division, and his reign appears to be marked early by, well, less sheriff-like behavior – WSJ and Law360

Turns out Nissan wasn’t alone when it came to letting uncertified workers inspect cars prior to shipment.  The practice is what makes a Subaru a Subaru, too – Bloomberg

The ECB has begun “gingerly” dismantling its emergency support that it’s been using to support the European economy in the post-crisis years.  Among the moves announced on Thursday, the ECB set a timetable for winding down its QE program – NYTimes and WSJ

Looking to right the ship after recently disclosing its dismal Q3 numbers, GE has announced plans to step back from its transportation business by “partner, spin off, or possibly sell the operations” that primarily deal with diesel locomotive production – WSJ

A new report out from a US financial risk monitoring agency advocates for regulating banks based on activity rather than size alone – Law360

Scientists are discovering that old notions about bacteria as solitary cells darting about on lab slides are seriously outdated. New research is showing that most bacteria appear to reside in very dense communities and can, in fact, communicate with each other through electrical signals via ion exchanges – Quanta

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