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Hoping to reverse recent years of struggles, J. Crew is bidding farewell to CEO Mickey Drexler (though he’ll stay on as chairman) in favor of West Elm’s James Brett – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

SCOTUS issued an unanimous decision yesterday restricting the powers of the SEC to claw back improperly realized profits and imposing a strict 5-year time limit on disgorgement – WSJ and Reuters and Law360

White Collar Watch breaks down the big challenge facing prosecutors on insider-trading cases: evidence (most usually in the form of how to prove the requisite knowledge, especially when hearsay is involved) – NYTimes

Dish Network’s TCPA troubles are well known within certain legal circles. But with this week’s $280 million fine ordered by C.D. Ill. Judge Sue Myerscough (going to the feds and to California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio), the rest of the business world is sure to take note of Dish’s troubles – Bloomberg and Law360

Judge Lorna Schofield has ordered law firms Quinn Emanuel and Bernstein Liebhard to “turn over allegedly inaccurate communications with parties they were trying to induce into opting out” of a Forex settlement involving Scott & Scott  – Law360

The Times book review gives us a short look at the long-read (Jack Ewing’s “Faster, Higher, Farther”) on VW’s ongoing emissions cheating scandal – NYTimes

Changes ahead for the OCC, which is set to be led by a banker (former OneWest CEO Joseph Otting) rather than a lawyer for the “first time in decades” – Law360 and WSJ

Coach’s $2.4 billion acquisition of Kate Spade: not in the bag yet – Law360

All the latest from Apple’s WWDC 2017, including the rare unveiling of hardware (heyyyy, HomePod) at a conference generally reserved for softer things – NYTimes and Gizmodo and WSJ and Bloomberg

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