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We covered the move by Exxon shareholders to push the company for greater climate-change accounting last week.  Now we’re learning that the NY AG believes that Exxon’s been “misleading” its shareholders about the impact that climate change will have on its business in its public filings – NYTimes

The Journal breaks down last Friday’s jobs numbers for us – WSJ

The GOP’s Financial CHOICE Act—its Dodd-Frank replacement rewrite effort—is set for a full-House vote this week – Law360

You may be hearing more about VEB in the coming weeks.  Here’s why (and also what it is) – NYTimes

BlackRock and other RMBS investors have officially moved for class cert in their bid to recover more than $3 billion from HSBC in its role as trustee for the toxic securities – Law360

More on the apparent fall from hedge-fund grace for John Paulson and his Paulson & Co. – Bloomberg

Let’s say you’re a Chinese tech company long on ambition but short on cash.  Where would you turn for $2.1 billion in a pinch?  Why, the shadow bankers, of course – NYTimes and WSJ

Breakingviews likes what Blue Apron delivers.  But it’s far from sold on its IPO – NYTimes

The Sergeant hit 50 last week. Let’s pay it some proper respect – NYTimes and The Economist

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