Your Daily Dose of Financial News


Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century Fox have fulfilled a mission derailed five years ago by a UK phone hacking scandal and have taken full control of British satellite TV giant Sky. Fox paid just shy of $15 billion to acquire the rest of the shares it doesn’t currently own (a bit more than 60 percent) – NYTimes

A Fed-announcement-boosted dollar reached a 14-year high yesterday as compared to 16 major trading partners, sending something of a shockwave through global markets – WSJ and Bloomberg

Well, Yahoo, that sure didn’t take long – WSJ

As for the recent gains in stocks?  Streetwise is calling the rally “more hope than substance” and employs an extended bull-fighting metaphor to make its point – WSJ

Warren Buffet’s favorite Brazilian buying partner, investment firm 3G Capital, is reportedly in a “buying mood,” and Mondelez is likely target #1 – NYTimes

20 states have joined forces to accuse Teva, Mylan, and other generic drug-makers of engaging in “brazen price-fixing schemes” – NYTimes and WSJ

Solar power turned an important corner in 2016, with new panels driving record-cheap solar costs that have made solar less expensive than wind power for the first time – Bloomberg

Reprogramming the body’s aging clock?  Rejuvenating organs to lengthen life spans? Not the stuff of science fiction—just a normal day at the Salk Institute – NYTimes

Time again for the Daily Dose’s annual holiday hiatus.  Have a wonderful couple of weeks with friends and family.  We’ll see you back here in 2017.

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