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Step right up and place your bets on the Fed’s willingness to raise its benchmark interest rate later today.  If you think yes, you’d be in the vast (95 percent, based on asset prices) majority – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

One major concern if (when) those rates go up?  Short-term corporate funding costs are already at an 8-year high – WSJ

In the ongoing battle over almost $38 billion in securities at issue in post-crisis-era lawsuits, the big banks are pushing hard for appellate courts to blow up the Firrea extender provision and find that the DOJ waited too long to file its claims – NYTimes

Speaking of extender provisions, Credit Suisse just felt the wrath of NY State’s own extending law—the Martin Act—in an action by AG Eric Schneiderman over toxic RMBS – Law360

More regulatory trouble for Wells Fargo, this time related to its “living will,” which the Fed and FDIC have again deemed insufficient to protect the economy in the case of the bank’s failure – NYTimes and WSJ and Law360

More Mario?  Nintendo’s [now] only too happy to oblige – NYTimes

Pete Wells probably at his literary best when eviscerating (right Guy?), but he’s a great read when he’s lauding, too (as he does for these NYC winners) – NYTimes

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