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The markets are in the midst of a field day.  A good thing, yes, but for the Fed (which meets today)?  Not quite so clear cut – WSJ

Hedge fund. Data scientists. Anonymous. Bitcoin.  Numerai is basically a mad libs investment startup – NYTimes

Turns out those land-grant universities are good for a heck of a lot more than some quality tailgating on autumn Saturdays.  Big time – WSJ

On the heels of the report that Wells Fargo’s fake account-openings likely spread to insurance policies, Prudential has suspended sales of its policies by Wells – NYTimes and WSJ

Ex-RBC Wealth exec (and political scion) John Taft suggests that the combination of a digital investing world and the threat of cyberattacks calls for diversification—of funds and broker-dealers – Inc.

Streetwise traces Italy’s Banca Monte dei Paschi’s big-time current troubles to a meeting nearly a decade ago and the ill-fated deal reached there that’s led to the downfall of 3 (and probably 4) of the world’s biggest and oldest banks – WSJ

Dealbook’s White Collar Watch looks at how the DOJ’s use of its RICO big guns in a recent pharma health care fraud case might signal a [temporary?] shift to the more aggressive pursuit of corporate wrongdoers – NYTimes

I’ll be honest—I had no idea that mascots v. little football players was even a thing (and in my state, no less).  But man, is it ever.  Enjoy – Twitter

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