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An agreement among non-OPEC oil-producing nations to cut production has again pushed oil prices higher – WSJ and Bloomberg

Whether these production limitations by OPEC and others will stick is a different matter entirely – WSJ

The Times went all in on Twinkies this weekend, with a look at how they came to be and how their comeback recently helped private equity execs laugh their way to the bank – NYTimes

PepsiCo’s existential crisis: trying to sell healthier food options to a public that may say that it wants them but is really still clamoring for chips and pop – WSJ

The IMF’s Christine Lagarde is in court today in France over negligence charges during her tenure as France’s finance minister nearly 8 years ago – Bloomberg

It appears that the fake products scheme at Wells Fargo extended past bank accounts and into insurance policies with partner Prudential as well – NYTimes

The Fed’s released a report detailing its concerns with blockchain and other emerging digital technologies even as the financial sector adopts blockchain technology “drastically faster than initially expected” – Law360

The Journal suggests that the future’s looking bright again for Goldman Sachs, which is benefiting from its hedge fund and trading focus that had weighed it down in recent years – WSJ

Twitter as the canary in the coal mine for markets ahead of Fed meeting announcement days – WSJ

Looking to mix it up a bit at your holiday party?  Get all Victorian [and Dickensian] and offer up Mr. Micawber’s Favorite Gin Punch or a Smoking Bishop – NYTimes

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